Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why Blog?

I am the other half of Mama Drama Times Two—the less articulate half for sure. I’m not yet clear on what this Blog will turn out to be. A place for musings and reflections, a way to leave comments on other blogs, a way to participate in some of the “photo contests” on other blogs, or way to start the journaling I’m supposed to be doing for my Spiritual Formation class. Probably all of that—why limit the possibilities!

I have been following several blogs for a while and am humbly impressed with the women (including Mama Drama) who so eloquently express the pain, frustration, joy, wonder, grief, enjoyment, anger, exhilaration, and passion that comes with parenting children with extreme trauma histories. I have been drinking in the wisdom and trying to add it to our cache of reactions, strategies and interventions. I often ask myself, “what would so and so do?” So, to all you so and so’s out there in the blogosphere, THANKS.

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