Friday, May 27, 2011

Baby Invasion

Oh, hello. It's been a while, I know.  It has taken some time to rebound from our experience with Manny.  (Pop on over the Mama Drama  Times Two for details.)  

But when the Department called with a one week respite placement for a 1 year old boy, we said, YES. 

Babies are good.

They're small.

They don't use profanity--at least, if they do, it just sounds like cute baby jibberish.

They smell good.

They think you are the best thing in the world because you feed them and make funny faces.

They're a little more work sometimes but they don't zap the last ion of energy from you.

I could go on...

So, Baby Boy J arrived for his 10 day stay. 

OMG what a sweet little guy.  Wonderful temperment.  Great appetite.  Sleeps through the night...

Baby Boy J hanging out on the porch

Then another call from the Department and on day 5 of Baby Boy J's stay, Baby Girl A arrived--an adorable 16 month old girl.  Sweet, but sometimes fierce, temperment (I like that in a baby).  Great appetite.  Sleeps through the night...

Baby Girl A with our BFF

OK! TWO babies!!!

Hundreds of dollars worth of educational toys and the dog dishes are more interesting
Bobby entertaining the babies with the toy piano

Then, our first foster daughter, Amber, came by with her little boy.  Adorable.

Baby Boy A

Did we mention that babies are good?


  1. At first I was all, "ohhhh, babies are so sweet" and I was happy for you. THEN!!! I saw that you had Corey in your house too and I stopped being happy for you and started just being jealous. :P

  2. I love it! Baby girl's hair is a-mazing! Such sweet mamas you are to so many!

  3. Wait, is that COREY????? WTH????
    Babies ARE good :)
    I'm Ericka, friend of Corey and mom of Sarah....I spoke with Barbara via email today and wanted to come on over for a spell.
    Hope you have a good weekend - please give some good ole' attachment hugs and kisses to the babies ;-)

  4. oh baby, they those little heads smell so good, hope all is well in babyland