Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Emotional Roller Coasters

I tend not to be an overly emotional person. That’s not to say that I’m closed, cold-hearted or unfeeling, but I can usually take most things in stride. I’m more on the even-keel end of the emotional spectrum. But this weekend challenged the best of my reserve. We brought Baby D back to her bio-mom on Friday and I spent most of the drive across the state tearing up. I couldn’t even say goodbye. It just hurt too much. My better half (Mama Drama) was my emotional rock, letting me curl up next to her and sob. She says it’s the right thing to do, that she’s where she should be, that there are good supports in place for mom. On a certain level, I know that is all true, I just wish I could believe it. I know this is the work we do. I’m not liking my job right now.

In the meantime, we have a houseful of of boys--Bobby and two new kids--a very sweet 13 year old boy and a very sweet 2 week old boy! We still have to be there for them--attend to their physical and emotional needs. So, I keep the sadness in my heart knowing it will ease with time and enjoy getting to know the new members of our family.


  1. I cannot even imagine what y'all are going through. I'm so sorry for the pain but am constantly amazed at you two.

  2. It is hard, emotional work we do and I am sovery grateful to be doing it with you.