Friday, January 14, 2011

So, How's Your Training Going?

from New Yorker Magazine

This is how I felt last week at the gym!  "Sprint" is not a word that has hit my exercise vocabulary!  I wogged (a combination of walking and jogging) a 5K and, while I did not feel victorious, I finished it.  It was the kind of run where I felt really uncoordinated--like my legs weren't in tune with my arms and my breathing was out of synch with my stumbling rhythm....

Of course it didn't help that the 70 year old lady on the treadmill next to me, Mary, was contendedly strolling along having full conversations with the morning news programs on the TVs displayed on the rack in front of us.  And including me in the conversations!  It's not nice to ignore her, especially when she brings me the paper towel sprayed with disinfectant solution so I won't have to. 

I have been diligently getting to the gym three days each week--even got some cool badges from LoseIt! -- "Keep it Up" and Exercise Buff" and logging my calories daily.  

I'm beginnning to feel like I'm making progress--I'm starting to see some muscle tone return and I'm not sucking wind quite so much when I wog.

But the scale certainly isn't joining in on the celebration.  Before I started this endeavor I was dancing between 179 and 180.  Now I'm at 183!!!!!  How is that adding exercise has added 3 pounds!  Someone tell me it's all muscle--PLEASE.


  1. Muscle weighs more than fat.. but the good news is, it takes up less space! So VERY soon, what you'll see happen is that your butt will shrink and your pants will get saggy and you'll need new clothes! And then because you're exercising, you'll have boosted your metabolism, so even when you're NOT exercising, your body will be burning calories!

    Hang in there! You're making progress, and soon you'll be kicking Mary's @$$ all over town and bringing HER paper towels.

  2. It is all muscle! But I need my eyes examined because when I first ready your post I read "exercise buff" as exercise butt, and couldn't figure out why anyone would want a badge that said that! ROFL

    I cracked up that you said "wogging" becuase there is a 70 year old woman who wogs my neighborhood year round. She goes amazing distances albeit slowly. Even my kids call her the wogger. She wears one of those camelbacks and goes at it so devotedly. I used to wonder if she had a home, but it is really just that she loves to do this I guess.