Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our Homecoming

After spending four days in Orlando with the most incredible women in this entire universe, Mamma and I sadly rode the van to the airport, quietly boarded the airplane, (yes, I enjoyed channel surfing again), and arrived back in our frosty, snowy, Northern New England town.  The change in weather was enough of a shock to our systems, never mind the reality that we would not be surrounded by those beautiful women and the love and acceptance we experienced in Orlando. 

Driving home from the airport we wondered what sort of a weekend it had been for the boys and the babysitter. 

After navigating through three very excited dogs who met us at the door, we were greeted by a calm, sane babysitter.  She told us the weekend was good.  GOOD!  No one ran away, hid in the woods, tried to harm themselves, or had any  meltdowns.  All behaviors we have seen in the past when we have been away from them.

One had his final basketball game of the season, they all went clothes shopping, to the movies, helped with dinner and the pets, did homeowrk--all pretty average stuff. 

The best part was this:

The boys had baked and decorated a cake for us!  They missed us!  Yay! 

I miss the Orlando Moms.


  1. Love it! Looks like chocolate icing and M&Ms! I'm so glad to read so many of you have had a good homecoming. Can't wait to spend more time with you ladies next year!

  2. ooo! what a nice welcome!

    i miss you too. i didn't hug you two enough. I tried. I really tried to hug enough but it wasn't enough.

  3. Miss you too...but we just started talking summer plans... :-) So glad things went well with the boys/sitter.

  4. What a great homecoming. Miss y'all!

  5. So cool! I sooooooo wish I had been able to do Orlando. So many bloggy friends all gathered in 1 spot!!!

  6. Wow! If you can't have Orlando, at least you got cake, and a fantastic sign. It was very nice meeting you both. :)

  7. oh cake and signs, so sweet, glad no one ran away!