Thursday, September 16, 2010

30 Day Challenge: Day 12: Something You Are OCD About

I would have to go with being OCD about managing my photos.  I have at least 60 photo albums and would make sure that as soon as I got my photos processed, they'd go in an album--in chronological order, of course.  At one point I tried to start a little side busisness of hand-made cards, enlargements, custom calendars, etc., so would get double (or sometimes multiple) prints.  These extra "best" photos went into a separate album--organized by type--landscapes, flowers, w,ter, fall foliage, winter scenes--you get the idea.  I used to even keep my negatives in special plastic sleeves in a 3-ring binder--just in case I needed copies of one. 

I immediately embraced the technology of pictures in digital format and still have a box full of 3" floppy disks of pictures--do they even make computers with an "A" Drive anymore???  Even though I have a digital camera and many of my photos are now on my computer, I still like shooting with a film camera and putting them in photo albums.  I am desperately behind but that may be a winer project.  That and scanning all the pictures taken before the option of digital format. 

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