Saturday, September 11, 2010

30 Day Challenge: Day 8: A Photo That Makes You Angry or Sad

This was a tough one.  Mama spoke about the rift with my family which is still an open, weeping wound two years later.  So, in an attempt for some independent thought and instead of angry, I went with sad.

This is a picture taken the weekend before we brought Baby D back to her Bio-Mom.  We brought her to the beach and let her play in the sand.  She was sitting up by herself--a new milestone, played with the sand and picked up shells and sticks.  It makes me sad.   Sad because I worry about her and her Mom's ability to meet her needs.  Sad because I know we could have been so good for her, that we would have been able to manage her medical and developmental needs and capitalize on her strengths.  Sad because I miss her.


  1. Beautiful photo. I hope Baby D is doing well.

  2. They say a picture speaks a thousand words.

    Worry. Heartbreak. Hope. Fear. Love. Sad.

    Those are some of the words that came to my mind as I looked at the picture. We were in the same place about 15 years ago when a baby left our home for a place we weren't convinced was safe. So another word that came to my mind was the name of that little baby who, if she survived, is now a teenager.

    Thank you for all you do. I know it isn't easy.