Thursday, September 9, 2010

How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

Everyone is back to school, football is in full swing, soccer begins next week and summer seems like a distant memory.  Summer 2010 was filled with s'mores, camp fires, kayaking, child-free alone time, cool camps for the kids, fireworks, parades, sunsets, ice cream, swimming holes, blueberry picking, picture taking, and county fairs with mechanical bull rides.


  1. Wasn't it just the best??? Let's do it again next summer?

  2. OK I have to know, did you ride the mechanical bull?

  3. Lee, no I didn't ride it, but only because by the time it was my turn the line was really long and we didn't want to waste valuable stomach-turning ride time. Plan was to go back but we lost track of time and we were already late for dinner! Next year!